Legislation for Juvenile Delinquents and Children in Need of Care and Defense


A kid is considered a delinquent when he or she owes an act which is against regulations because of now inforce and at the same time frame also not approved from the culture in the large. The primary legislation to get juvenile delinquency at India for its moment inforce is the Juvenile Justice (Care And Protection Of kiddies ) Act 2015.

Formerly different laws were enacted to deal with the menace of juvenile delinquency which includes:

1. Apprentices Act,1850

This really was the very first legislation that brought children on a different footing from that of adult criminals and offenders. This Act given that children who belong into a age class of 10-18 years convicted of any offence from the Court of Law should be given this type of training that will aid in their rehabilitation process.

2. Reformatory College Act, 1897

Below this Act, the courtroom was permitted to detain the juvenile delinquents at reformatory schools to get a period of 2-7 years and also mentioned that the exact same may not be continued following such a juvenile has attained the age of 18years.

3. Madras Kids Act, 19-20

It was the very first Act that brought forth the notion of juvenile judges and the exact same was afterwards followed legislation seeing juveniles by Bengal legislature at Bengal kids Act, 1922 followed by Bombay kiddies Act, 1924.

4. The Kids Act, 1960

This Act turned into a improvement on the previous law since it has been passed to set a simple version which was followed. It provided for incredibly complicated and specialized provisions coverings assorted facets. It offered for the institution of Particular child-welfare Boards which was specially built to deal with the instances of their neglected kiddies. The Act went onto develop a special post for the job of the probationary officer whose purpose was to counsel and assist the delinquent juveniles. What’s more, it created special courts for children which coped with all the cases concerning the juvenile delinquents. This Act was the Very First comprehensive legislation talking all the aspects Concerning the juvenile delinquency

5. Countrywide Policy for The Welfare of Children, 1974

The coverage proved to be a very welcoming measure to the creation of kiddies of this state because it laid stress on making such insurance policies which can aid in grooming and improvement of kids and also stressed on giving equal opportunity to all children within their phase of growth that would wind up reducing the amount of juvenile delinquency and could raise the human resource of the nation in the large. This policy along with preceding law assisted in the formula of a uniform code for shipping and delivery of juvenile justice system in India.

6. Juvenile Justice Act, 1986

This Act laid the simple framework of the prosecution process in India. The Act provided for a special system that was obligated to be adopted for the avoidance and management of their juvenile delinquency, it has set standards and criteria for its administration of prosecution. The Act gave an inclusive definition of juvenile. As stated by the Act, the juvenile is a boy that have not attained 16 years old plus a woman who has not attained 18 decades of age. Additionally, it provided for the formation of special domiciles for its juvenile delinquents and handling of these instances of juveniles by special juvenile courts. This Act by and large provided to get a procedure that presented for healthcare, rehabilitation, protection, and also treatment for this delinquent juveniles. This Act repealed all preceding legislation and formed that the very first uniform code of juvenile justice process in India.

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